Why You Should Wash Your Child’s Soft Toys Regularly, and How!

Why You Should Wash Your Child’s Soft Toys Regularly, and How!

Why You Should Wash Your Child’s Soft Toys Regularly, and How!

As any parent knows, your child’s favourite toy or blanket is worth its weight in gold when it comes to soothing them or helping them sleep. But whilst it may appear that their teddy bear is their best friend, the soft toy that they are dragging around with them everywhere is very possibly a reservoir of bacteria. Overtime although they may not look stained or grubby (although it’s very likely they will) they pick up all sorts of micro-organisms from the floor when they are dropped. Pets and pests in your home can also carry parasites and pathogens which can then be transferred to your child’s mouth if the toy is chewed or sucked for comfort after coming into contact with them. House dust mites often thrive on soft toys too, which can be especially problematic if your child is sensitive or has asthma and allergies.

But before you run screaming to the nearest dumpster with your child’s collection of plush toys, we have some good news to share too. Keeping soft toys fresh and clean isn’t as difficult as you might think…well besides convincing your child to relinquish their grip on it for a few days that is. Even we can’t help you with that!

Instructions for Cleaning Soft Toys

1. Fill a bucket or laundry trough with warm water

2. Add 10ml or 2 capfuls of Dominant Wool & Fine Fabric Wash to the water

3. Immerse the toys into the water

4. After 10 mins, gently hand wash the toys

5. Empty the water

6. Squeeze the toys of excess water

7. Refill the bucket or laundry trough with fresh water

8. Immerse the toys and rinse thoroughly

9. Remove the toys from the water and squeeze dry

10. Dry in the sun for a few days to ensure they are completely dry – to avoid mould growth which can happen if they are still damp when they are brought inside


More Useful Tips

• You can use the same method above to bring faux fur pillows and throw rugs back to their former glory too.

• If you don’t have Wool & Fabric Wash you can use Dominant Liquid Laundry, Botanical Collection Laundry Liquid or Double L Supa Liquid at the recommended dose. As the liquid laundries are more alkaline compared to Wool & Fine Fabric Wash, repeat the rinse process.

• If your machine has a reliable gentle cycle you could wash them in the washing machine instead.

• If you choose to use your washing machine, a great tip is to put the toy into a pillow case beforehand. This may prevent small pieces working loose from the toy in your washing machine, and will catch any pieces that do.

• If your child has asthma or an allergy to dust mites, you can freeze the bugs on soft toys by putting them into the freezer overnight. This will kill the dust mites. Then simply follow the instructions above to rid the toy of and dead dust mites and other germs.

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